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Many have asked about problems with trolling (intentional screwing-up of games) in thesentencegame. To aid in this, TSG now has moderators and banning and time limits. However, there's never going to be any way to guarantee high quality games in the main area. There's always the chance that some bit of lameness will get through.

But not in the members-area! The members area is a smaller, more intimate setting. The games are always great!

For that reason I'd love to see users interested in clean, high-quality games without spam to become members of thesentencegame.
Please let me know if you have any questions! I'd love to hear your input!


As time has passed, I have had less time to spend on TheSentenceGame. I have no intention of taking it down, but I no longer am accepting memberships since the site is no longer growing. If you would like to donate though, I'd be super happy. The site still costs me hosting fees every year, and your donations help!