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Total 63
101 main 2.94 Aug 11, 2006 Broney
I have determined a method of creating an unlimited number of Sentence Games!
Aug 15, 2006 dora
dreaming of the WTC
103 main 3.39 Aug 13, 2006 Sora
The stars at night are big and bright...
Aug 15, 2006 mynameborat
A guy with a gold star on his shirt is thinking about 9 gold stars.
94 main 2.78 Aug 10, 2006 Dragonmudd
Wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first.
Aug 14, 2006 Omega697
The magician cut the girl in half by making her think of a fetish website.
95 main 3.00 Aug 10, 2006 Broney
I have an alluring collection of tropical palm fruit, of all sizes massive and miniscule, including some of relative size to your cranium.
Aug 14, 2006 Omega697
I don't understand why Eminem, who is tone deaf, has to swear so much.
92 main 2.56 Aug 9, 2006 dora
kittens have razor-sharp tongues.
Aug 12, 2006 nessbound
Sure I turn into a monster at night. Hey, at least I have benefits- all you can eat C-A-N-D-Y!
84 main 2.36 Aug 8, 2006 *M* Stone-Lord Joe
The ancient astrologers saw the comet, and knew that a great famine was coming.
Aug 11, 2006 Broney
The fact that algae can evaporate implies that God is merely Marilyn Monroe incarnated as a man with bushy hair and a goatee. But only in Ohio.
87 main 2.94 Aug 8, 2006 libby
Skanky people look skankier in Utah.
Aug 10, 2006 Broney
The man who seems to have grown a sharkfin out of his lower back questions the bird with overlarge wingspan as to why his arms no longer attach to his body.
79 main 2.83 Aug 8, 2006 libby
Make a wish and open the mollusk.
Aug 10, 2006 Dragonmudd
The horrible giant monster head dissolved my arm with it's acid breath and made me vomit.
75 main 2.83 Aug 7, 2006 Yukos
And you say I don't have a way with women?
Aug 9, 2006 dora
the red cross banner dates back to the 19th century
83 main 3.25 Aug 8, 2006 libby
Make a wish and open the mollusk.
Aug 9, 2006 bobbi
A girl in China enjoys a generic bowl of noodles.
86 main 3.06 Aug 8, 2006 Dragonmudd
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
Aug 9, 2006 Dragonmudd
I'm afraid of blonde families that worship Abe Lincoln and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
76 main 3.17 Aug 7, 2006 Omega697
Boot to the head!
Aug 8, 2006 plasquatch
Tonight's Sentence Game involves large Italian soccer players shouting at you.
77 main 3.03 Aug 7, 2006 Omega697
Why spend the next 20 years in jail because someone smudged your Puma?
Aug 8, 2006 tackler7
Monkeys unlock the the vortex of squiggles
78 main 2.60 Aug 7, 2006 tackler7
14 people start work in a hothouse which last 16 weeks. In this time they achieve a lot of good things.
Aug 8, 2006 Dragonmudd
The hippy has filled the room with some nasty green spray in an attempt to destroy the ozone layer.
82 main 2.67 Aug 8, 2006 nessbound
Oh my God! The Thinker is convincing Rodin into unleashing Godzilla from the Gate of Hell!
Aug 8, 2006 mynameborat
Dinosaur with money is sad, but a dinosaur without money is excellent!
69 main 2.88 Aug 4, 2006 tortoise
Nobody lives in Wyoming.
Aug 8, 2006 Dragonmudd
The United States is not a quilt pillow of diverse faces.
74 main 2.64 Aug 6, 2006 betgognen
When he saw that she could do magic, he fell madly in love.
Aug 8, 2006 nessbound
Mommy, daddy, I want you to have a baby, but I want you to have an animal baby.
64 main 3.69 Aug 4, 2006 Omega697
Jesus is my co-pilot.
Aug 8, 2006 nessbound
No longer on exhibit, the bearded man-ballerina. Instead, come and see the new man-plane (up above!).
71 main 3.00 Aug 5, 2006 tortoise
You don't want to sell me any death-sticks.
Aug 8, 2006 libby
A couple of ice skater chicks and the Princesses Leia and Diana advise you that "Drug Free Is The Way To Be".
73 main 2.83 Aug 5, 2006 tortoise
The llamacorn is a rare beast, found only in the mountains of Unobtania.
Aug 8, 2006 libby
The goblet of fire speaks Arabic while the llama and the broken pencil decide to move in together.
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