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Total 63
31 main 2.94 Jul 26, 2006 theSeltzer
Although the world is nearing its end, my stocks are becoming profitable. Is this related??
Jul 27, 2006 plasquatch
Maybe I can get the Devil to sell his soul to ME for a change.
24 main 3.39 Jul 23, 2006 *M* griffinlad
The three main varieties of gnomes are forest gnomes, siberian gnomes, and underpants gnomes.
Jul 26, 2006 Dragonmudd
The signalgnome climbed to the top of the tower with his 'man overboard' flags, but without his underwear.
21 main 3.25 Jul 18, 2006 theSeltzer
Playing the sentence game online kills all other activities!
Jul 25, 2006 jtrump
The monkey-dog transmits ideas to his master, who constructs excellent sentence game pictures in MS Paint.
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