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Total 9
4990 main 2.90 Feb 22, 2007 *M* tymaporer
My dad joined the Sith and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.
Feb 26, 2007 Matt the99
demon baby has got a boo booo.
4992 main 2.97 Feb 22, 2007 *M* tymaporer
Dora the Explorer lost the presidential election.
Feb 25, 2007 kellertron
Lonely tears fall down the giant's face as she says goodbye. With her 3rd place winnings, and shoes full of margarine, she slowly departs to "Every Rose Has its Thorn", acapella. In the distance, a leaky spigot offers its own tears of shame, and gatorade.
4986 main 3.00 Feb 22, 2007 lemonz
Well, that was certainly a bad idea for a children's toy.
Feb 24, 2007 *M* tymaporer
The priest liked to put blue birds into his cauldron when he made corn.
4984 main 3.62 Feb 21, 2007 bean
A new Sentence Game hall of Shame has been commissioned due to recent trolling.
Feb 23, 2007 Krakow Sam
Elf junior stands before his fuming father in shame, thinking back to the time he soiled himeslf in public.
4983 main 3.28 Feb 21, 2007 lemonz
Santa has a special team of elves whose sole job is to work in his giant meth lab.
Feb 23, 2007 *M* elzaban
There were a surprising number of things Noah didn't save on his arc: Santa, surfing, pizza, rattlesnakes, love, Egyptians, nuclear war, the land, and of course, Christmas.
4981 main 3.43 Feb 21, 2007 bean
Why are there so many songs about rainbows?
Feb 22, 2007 *M* elzaban
Upon going to heaven, George Bush liked to boogey on the rainbows with elderly stickfigures, much to Blackface Jesus' dismay.
4979 main 2.91 Feb 21, 2007 lemonz
All I could see were rainbows...
Feb 22, 2007 Shingobunny
The man stated that the Royal Rainbow was going to throw a horrible dustbunny into the woman's face if she didn't go to see the U2 concert with him, making her hair become strangely stiff in the process.
4973 main 2.53 Feb 21, 2007 lemonz
When the sun goes down and the moon appears, you go looking for love in the hall of mirrors.
Feb 22, 2007 facultybathroom
julia is sad about the fury blue heart on tv
4966 main 3.42 Feb 20, 2007 *M* Dave
Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln's shared birthday caused them to become bitter rivals in heaven.
Feb 21, 2007 *M* Groomble
I leap for joy and give myself a 21 gun salute every time I get a birthday cake.
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