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Total 261
10474 main 3.22 Sep 23, 2016 *M* misterverymean
Speedo Wizard gave his nemesis Racist Wizard what for!
Aug 25, 2017 Trunks
The two hippies figured out how to wirelessly transfer energy from the batteries to the flashlight. However, they were not excited.
10475 main 3.73 Sep 26, 2016 *M* misterverymean
A monkey poured coffee in my boots.
Aug 13, 2017 Julia
Piss on Starbucks!
10476 main 4.62 Sep 26, 2016 *M* misterverymean
Speedo Wizard gave his nemesis Racist Wizard what for!
Jul 30, 2017 NikkiNuNu
Gandalf hypnotized Harry Potter, then made him wear a white dress.
10477 main 3.87 Sep 26, 2016 *M* misterverymean
Ladies and gentleman, the next president of the United States, Donald Trump!
Jul 11, 2017 burgertime
Two men with water pistols hunt a chocolate turkey whilst a man with a red goatee hides his hands in his pockets.
9566 *M* 
3.69 Oct 12, 2010 *M* misterverymean
Oh no! My Dixie wrecked!
Mar 30, 2017 acm323
The Indian started crying upon seeing a cowboy shoot an Elephantman next to his stalled car.
10353 *M* 
4.04 Aug 27, 2014 *M* misterverymean
A monkey poured coffee on my boots!
Jan 25, 2017 NikkiNuNu
The demon has nightmares that he is a monkey in a ski race. And he is winning.
9603 *M* 
4.22 Nov 2, 2010 *M* elzaban
If this game is completed before next July, we're all going to Disneyland!
Sep 26, 2016 sassymassey
My kid brother thinks my Mickey Mouse drawing is ridiculous, but I just laugh and eat my big sub sandwich.
9564 *M* 
4.33 Oct 12, 2010 *M* misterverymean
The discombobulated head of the Queen of England appeared from the past while an apathetic cheese man pissed his bed.
Sep 22, 2016 *M* Abraxas
We graham crackers are not impressed with your Canadian money, Queen! Now go back to your telephone box where you belong!
10354 main 1.50 Aug 28, 2014 *M* misterverymean
I\'m sorry, but I must starve your web browser.
Oct 5, 2014 Siergiej
A green-haired girl gets some cash from a man, a blonde girl gets poor ratings from the same man.
10349 main 3.33 Aug 27, 2014 *M* magicpurplecat
This waterfall is really making me have to pee.
Sep 29, 2014 iamtheacm
A man is trapped inside an ice fortress in the middle of nowhere.
9372 *M* 
4.17 Apr 28, 2010 *M* Andore
James Bond, with two double bourbons inside him, sat in the final departure lounge of Miami Airport and though about life and death.
Aug 27, 2014 *M* magicpurplecat
After I did a few deeds for the grim reaper, I became much better at poker! My poker face still needed work, though.
9378 *M* 
3.83 May 3, 2010 *M* Andore
On a London train a pasty, hypochondriac Northampton man thinks he sees a Lion Man but has really gone mentally ill from a homeopathic overdose.
Aug 25, 2014 *M* Abraxas
If you won't give blood the normal way, I'll just have to stab you in the heart... in outer space!
10291 main 2.62 Oct 29, 2013 *M* elzaban
News 4 Real: A new poll finds most people wish dinosaurs were still extinct.
Jan 4, 2014 maxattackxe
A dog walked by as a pterodactyl gave the bad dinosaur a blow job
10277 main 4.08 Sep 9, 2013 *M* YoHB
If your cereal is shaped like Os, you may live. If your cereal is shaped like squares, you must die. Thank you.
Oct 12, 2013 GrayGriffin
The letter K has no idea what the cyclops is trying to teach it about bacterial biology.
10224 main 3.73 Aug 28, 2012 *M* misterverymean
The watermelon cried out in horror as the obese man began eating his relatives.
Oct 2, 2012 whamm
Watermelons are a rare commodity in space. When Aliens find them, they have to eat them, even it it makes the watermelons sad.
10216 main 3.88 Jul 19, 2012 *M* misterverymean
Captain Bloodloss fought his archnemisis, Mailbox Man., in an epic confrontation.
Aug 30, 2012 FatPhil
It may normally sound like jolly 60's pop, but when played backwards at double speed, The Kinks' album contains very sinister messages.
10215 main 4.05 Jul 19, 2012 *M* misterverymean
Jamaican Colonel Sanders approved of Bane's vocal stylings.
Aug 28, 2012 Rogue
On a live episode of America's Got Talent, Ronald McDonald was prepared to wow the judges by shooting an apple off Colonel Sanders' head. He realized much too late that Colonel Sanders never had an apple of his head to begin with.
10155 main 3.77 Apr 9, 2012 *M* misterverymean
Surprisingly, the Yeti was an excellent used car salesman, angering his jealous donkey pinata co-workers.
May 15, 2012 pinballwizard
"This is easier than stealing treasure from the 3 blind mice" thought the albino mouse, "Oh wait..."
10159 main 3.45 Apr 28, 2012 pinballwizard
If the British are limeys, and the Germans are sauerkraut, and the French are Frogs, then what does it make the Hungarians?
May 15, 2012 *M* SAoctopus
Though the motive is unclear, France and the UK battle for control of the Belgian waffle.
10157 main 3.86 Apr 22, 2012 *M* SAoctopus
Jupiter and Saturn were caught making out in the halls of Space High. Scandalous!
May 8, 2012 whamm
While the rest of the planets stood by and laughed, Uranus and Neptune hung Saturn from the flag pole by his shorts. Teacher Earth was not happy.
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