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Total 309
10485 main 4.19 Oct 25, 2016 pinballwizard
With the record selection and in the mirror\'s reflection I\'m dancing with myself
Oct 23, 2017 Pina Colada
The Lone Ranger can hit the high C and crack a mirror picture.
10460 main 3.17 Jan 31, 2016 acm323
I can\'t get my mind off my Texas boyfriend.
Jul 1, 2016 twatty
The giant dog stole socks from the tiny stick figure.
10459 main 4.10 Jan 13, 2016 twatty
Katy Perry just farted and it smells awful!
May 6, 2016 nooobet
You know me. When I drink a Monster, I just can't keep my self from sacrificing virgins to the God of Disco.
10457 main 3.10 Oct 25, 2015 *M* tymaporer
If it hadn\'t been for Cotton-Eyed Joe, I\'d been married a long time ago.
Mar 3, 2016 jurassic_jacob
Adam Sandler grew out a beard and wears glasses now.
10454 main 3.69 Jul 25, 2015 pinballwizard
Whoa man! I was baptized by a bearded nun while I was on acid.
Feb 28, 2016 Inara
I'd like to join the menagerie in the pool, but it's a no-smoking area.
10458 main 3.36 Nov 18, 2015 amdyer1
There is a cow in a meadow eating grass and mushrooms.
Feb 18, 2016 lizard
"What would it be like to stand on my very own pile of gold?" Pondered hunter in a red toga
10456 main 3.00 Oct 15, 2015 pinballwizard
I drink to forget Shaq\'s acting career
Feb 13, 2016 SneakyRobot
Disgusted at this turn of events, Aladdin vomited furiously.
10448 main 3.75 May 17, 2015 sgtderpy
ACM created clones to conquer the world so Sgt Derpy seeked the assistance of Dr Bronner to clean up the mess with his magic soap.
Jan 27, 2016 iamtheacm
In my dream, a strange old guy dropped tiny hearts in my hair as a doctor and an Army soldier watched in confusion.
10451 main 3.30 Jul 2, 2015 twatty
I\'m at home binge - watching Criminal Minds so please leave me alone.
Jan 27, 2016 iamtheacm
The ugly brunette watched the fat Japanese guy kick the white kid's ass on tv.
10452 main 4.00 Jul 13, 2015 *M* tymaporer
I disapprove of people killing me.
Jan 11, 2016 burgertime
A bowl of mustard disapproves of Caesar's rib being stolen during surgery.
10453 main 3.77 Jul 14, 2015 Bobly
I am Bobly, Bobly is my name. I love to
Nov 8, 2015 Siergiej
I love doing my exercises, especially when I manage to swap one dumbbell with a love letter, which is so much lighter.
10450 main 3.81 May 17, 2015 sgtderpy
There were huge riots all over the country this week; it was determined that the main cause of the rioting was a bug which caused MS PAINT to become unusable.
Oct 23, 2015 pinballwizard
"Captain caveman, the enemy ship approaches" "Yeah right whatever, and a monkey is your uncle."
9245 *M* 
4.39 Feb 8, 2010 *M* JonnyT
When my miniature pig sleepwalks I have to protect myself.
Aug 25, 2014 *M* Abraxas
The Hulk is coming out -- and he's doing it by throwing a pig out of a hot-air balloon.
10224 main 3.73 Aug 28, 2012 *M* misterverymean
The watermelon cried out in horror as the obese man began eating his relatives.
Oct 2, 2012 whamm
Watermelons are a rare commodity in space. When Aliens find them, they have to eat them, even it it makes the watermelons sad.
10178 main 4.09 Jun 8, 2012 whamm
If Megalodon and SuperCroc fought, who would win?
Jun 18, 2012 Rogue
Shark and Alligator entered the boxing ring. Little did the crowd know, Shark would definitely lose this match. He couldn't survive long out of water.
10155 main 3.77 Apr 9, 2012 *M* misterverymean
Surprisingly, the Yeti was an excellent used car salesman, angering his jealous donkey pinata co-workers.
May 15, 2012 pinballwizard
"This is easier than stealing treasure from the 3 blind mice" thought the albino mouse, "Oh wait..."
10159 main 3.45 Apr 28, 2012 pinballwizard
If the British are limeys, and the Germans are sauerkraut, and the French are Frogs, then what does it make the Hungarians?
May 15, 2012 *M* SAoctopus
Though the motive is unclear, France and the UK battle for control of the Belgian waffle.
10166 main 3.80 May 8, 2012 LesPaul70
Last night, Michael Jackson's ghost was seen dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight.
May 9, 2012 whamm
One day Zeus grew tired of the centaurs and all their frollicing and playing, but everytime he threw down a lightning bolt to destroy them, they miraculously survived.
10158 main 3.08 Apr 28, 2012 pinballwizard
The yeti loves to drink schnaps too, so he's like a real shaman, if you want to contact him, you have to put some alcoholic offerings, in front of the forest
May 8, 2012 pepperminshnaps
Little did she know that the light saber wielding caveman she married was a distant half relative of hers.
10148 main 4.27 Mar 26, 2012 pinballwizard
Megaman looked at the new robot master in bewilderment. What the hell was Dr. Wily thinking when he came up with this one?
May 3, 2012 pepperminshnaps
"The world is mine now!" said King Bender
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