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Total 6
98 6 3.5000 2 herbuveaux
83 4 2.5000 2 herbuveaux
64 7 3.7500 8 herbuveaux
Sometimes, if I squint and point, I can almost pretend there's a man flying in the poorly-spraypainted sky, and I'm not a pathetic hippie in pink.
59 8 2.0000 2 herbuveaux
66 5 3.0000 3 herbuveaux
Senor Ketchup curses the dying sun as he gets blasted by rainbow fairies. A U.S. soccer coach, always the Cheshire cat, hides his emotions.
62 7 4.0000 2 herbuveaux
The greenhouse effect, the nitrogen cycle...both of these things are on the minds of face-shifting aliens and frumpy housewives.
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