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Total 289
10220 7 5.0000 1 webbwbb
Molly daily fantasizes about using her magic powers to make a frog eat her, puke her out, and turn into Tinkerbell. She forgets that she is already Tinkerbell.
10228 1 2.3333 6 webbwbb
When you say 'Burn the fleet', is that a reference to the Noldor or to Cortes?
10078 9 4.7500 4 webbwbb
On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 5 beer bottles.
10082 3 3.0000 1 webbwbb
The red planet with furious; his nieghbor with all the bling wasn't satisfied with just a bunch of rings, he had to steal his magical time hat too!
10067 7 1.3333 3 webbwbb
Merlin used his silly string fingers on Jack as they discussed lightning bolting some white blood cells over a fence.
10070 1 4.5000 4 webbwbb
A zombie couple went on a romantic date and shared a bloody, severed arm.
10065 5 5.0000 2 webbwbb
Joe was confused. Should he dispose of his annoying, depressed, teal cats in a fire or with a wood chipper?
10062 7 5.0000 2 webbwbb
"Behold my new masterpiece, diving board on toiletseat on table on table" exclaimed the confused caveman/modern artist.
10064 3 4.7500 4 webbwbb
""Treebeard, give me back my clipart! I need it!" exclaimed the pale man.
10050 7 3.0000 1 webbwbb
Clowntie knocked out a lazy-eyed ninja by tearing his head in half.
10056 1 0 webbwbb
My cat enjoys playing in the rain.
10055 1 5.0000 2 webbwbb
With my 10 hour Calculus binge complete, I am now ready for this 3 day battle.
10054 1 4.0000 1 webbwbb
Godzilla got bored with Tokyo so he visited New York City for a change of pace.
10044 7 4.5000 2 webbwbb
The congregation at St. Chewie's had mixed feelings about Father Chirpa's ordination.
10043 9 5.0000 2 webbwbb
Mrs. Roth was afraid to get he son circumcised because she thought the Rabbi would circumcise half of his entire body.
10038 5 4.0000 1 webbwbb
Thanks to SprayBeards®, no one will ever know handsome, manly, green beard is a total fake.
10027 5 5.0000 3 webbwbb
Mr. Banana was confused as to how a crab got on his island as he sipped his martini.
10032 1 4.0000 2 webbwbb
So last night I was almost asleep when I suddenly realized that I now understand trigonometry.
10030 5 0 webbwbb
Pssshh... Girlfriend thing, yeah you, you can just go play in Hades. I have found my true love: Beer.
10029 1 0 webbwbb
the Call of Duty franchise started getting a little weird after they made Food Warfare.
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