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Terms and Conditions

For usage in these terms and conditions,
"the Site" refers to thesentencegame.com or any other emontellese.com-affiliated site (or the proprietor of these sites)
"the User" refers to anyone accessing "the Site" in any way.

The User releases the Site from any responsibility for loss of pictures or damage to the User's computer or loss of data or attack by underpants gnomes or anything else (this section is probably silly - suffice it to say that if anything goes wrong to break your shit -- and I can't even imagine what -- don't sue me.) The User also agrees to not hold the Site responsible for any content found on the Site including but not limited to pornographic, offensive, racist, antisemitic, or otherwise rude material. The Site owners will never post such material, but other users may and this material may be available for a time before moderators can remove it.

By submission of any material, the User takes full legal responsibility for his/her/its submission and if said submission infringes on any laws (copyright or otherwise), the User takes full responsibility. In addition, the owner of the Site may, at the owner's sole discression, remove any submission for any reason, at any time, and without notice. Any submission the User makes to the Site, the User gives the right to the Site (and the User certifies that the User has allowance to give such right) to use and publish this submission in any form. The User understands that anything submitted to the Site becomes the property of the Site and may be published, used, or distributed in print, electronic or other media, and may be used by the Site for commercial purposes without royalties.

The User certifies that he/she is 18 or has a parent or guardian's permission to view this site. This is a public game; and for that reason offensive content may be found on thesentencegame.com. Though it is the goal of The Site and its (wonderful) moderators to remove any deliberately offensive content promptly, we cannot guarantee clean content at all times.

Any member who intentionally ruins a game (trolling) may be immediately kicked/banned from The Site without warning. Any trolling which occurs in the member area will also cause immediate banning without warnings and without a refund of any membership dues paid. I don't really expect this to happen (members are awesome!) - but if someone did troll in the member area... that's what would happen.

Also, please review the google-ads privacy policy information


yikes... legal mumbo-jumbo... On with the Game!