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Total 282
10493 main 3.88 Aug 1, 2017 wamwam
My goldfish are plotting against me.
Nov 6, 2018 BlackDog
Tease the goldfish with the petco 800 number, but don't give him a phone.
10480 main 3.00 Oct 1, 2016 wamwam
This Halloween, let\'s do it Pagan-style!
Jul 18, 2018 twatty
A pissed off witch told two children that they would die if they went trick or treating.
10496 main 3.96 Aug 27, 2017 wamwam
My children are afraid of the neighbors.
Jul 5, 2018 iamtheacm
As Billy dreams, the crazy leprechaun and his stoned horse try to trample him and his girlfriend.
10482 main 3.88 Oct 3, 2016 wamwam
Evil clowns terrorize the town.
May 8, 2018 Trunks
The two clown's slapstick routine suddenly escalated from bats and hammers to knives and cleavers.
10485 main 3.72 Oct 25, 2016 pinballwizard
With the record selection and in the mirror\'s reflection I\'m dancing with myself
Oct 23, 2017 Pina Colada
The Lone Ranger can hit the high C and crack a mirror picture.
10489 *M* 
3.88 Jan 25, 2017 *M* JonnyT
That was irreplaceable you buffoon!
Oct 15, 2017 wamwam
Ronald McDonald realized the futility of running while levitating.
10475 main 3.73 Sep 26, 2016 *M* misterverymean
A monkey poured coffee in my boots.
Aug 13, 2017 Julia
Piss on Starbucks!
10473 main 3.73 Sep 22, 2016 *M* birq
Talking about The Sentence Game is like dancing about architecture.
Jun 12, 2017 wamwam
A ghost stole my balloon!
10481 main 4.30 Oct 2, 2016 Kafeithekeaton
it\'s a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming. on days like these, kids like you... Should be burning in hell.
Mar 31, 2017 SneakyRobot
"Guilty!" proclaimed Judge Lex Luthor "I sentence you to burning your pants in a campfire!" Angel Pinocchio just shrugged "It wasn't me!" as he tried to ignore his ever growing nose.
10461 main --- Feb 25, 2016 NikkiNuNu
Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that cigarette
Aug 23, 2016 BlackDog
The Rock likes to smoke
10463 main 3.71 Feb 25, 2016 NikkiNuNu
Cats don\'t like vampires
Jul 23, 2016 burgertime
Hindu Cat remembers Vampire Gandhi.
9664 main 3.50 Nov 24, 2010 Reecer6
In a world... Where turnips are forbidden... ONE warrior... Must defy the secret techniques in history. Coming Summer 2014 to a theater near you.
Dec 3, 2010 webbwbb
The enslaved ninja dreams of being a suicide banana hands bomber and killing Mr. Detective.
9606 main 3.00 Nov 2, 2010 Timbob
Upon his deathbed the king wept for the clowns killed.
Nov 4, 2010 erictheredd
The king ordered the rainbow goblin to stare at the villager in red by the forest.
9594 main 4.75 Oct 28, 2010 *M* misterverymean
It go so dark, the man had to put on his knight-vision goggles.
Nov 4, 2010 ajlposh
Fred from Scooby-Doo wore Kanye West glasses to the trial. He and the tiny knight questioned the purple dinosaur
9587 main 3.86 Oct 17, 2010 *M* misterverymean
How do you make a strawberry shake? Take it to a scary movie!
Nov 2, 2010 Inkbaby
You have no idea what I went through to get this toadstool. Seriously, though - totally worth it.
9574 main 3.23 Oct 13, 2010 *M* misterverymean
I love Dr. Pepper so much, I decided to marry it.
Oct 20, 2010 Frozzle
"Wow! I found a diamond ring in the soda machine!" exclaimed the lonely man as he got down on his knee and said, "Will you marry me, my imaginary darling?"
9568 main 3.35 Oct 12, 2010 *M* tymaporer
I'm doing science and I'm still alive.
Oct 16, 2010 Mjollnir
Now this funny drink I mixed makes my shaking knees well fixed and though I like its colour pink do the red spots really stink.
9531 main 3.80 Sep 22, 2010 *M* tymaporer
Find a 1 on a corner, it's a mine!
Oct 12, 2010 wamwam
In the secret Monopoly world, the Iron is a heroin addict, who can't wait to pass go, while the thimble is a pot head, who can't get off of go.
9539 main 3.75 Sep 25, 2010 wamwam
Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son
Oct 12, 2010 IanBA
As his mate put transformed her red egg offering in her bodily oil, the yellow alien boy was anxious to finish his first reproduction ceremony.
9556 main 4.16 Oct 7, 2010 pinballwizard
Get off my lawn you god damn kids!
Oct 12, 2010 Puts
Farmer Bob is too busy wondering about his lost sheep to notice oncoming Squirrel-driven traffic or the Dragon in his barn.
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