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Total 92492
10480 9 4.0000 1 twatty
A pissed off witch told two children that they would die if they went trick or treating.
10496 9 3.5000 2 iamtheacm
As Billy dreams, the crazy leprechaun and his stoned horse try to trample him and his girlfriend.
10496 8 4.0000 2 sassymassey
10482 9 5.0000 1 Trunks
The two clown's slapstick routine suddenly escalated from bats and hammers to knives and cleavers.
10482 8 5.0000 1 pogman999
10490 9 3.0000 1 keenan_investig
I was wondering where all my friends had gone, while the murderous knife-wielding ice cube lurked right behind me...
10484 9 5.0000 1 Trunks
Smokey the bear says "Only you, can prevent... aliens from... jumping on the bed..."
10496 7 4.0000 2 Trunks
Timmy's reoccurring nightmare about a leprechaun chasing him and his sister with a butterfly net while riding a joint smoking horse returned again tonight.
10488 9 4.0000 1 Trunks
"Today we will be discussing the magic of cheese and martinis!" Speedo Wizard announced to his adoring fans.
10496 6 4.5000 2 pogman999
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