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First Name: Tim
Last Name: S
Location: Souvlakia, Kebabistan
User Since: Apr 24, 2007 at 06:33:39 PM
Last Submission: Apr 20, 2009 at 08:49:26 AM
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Anime Futurama

If you would like to see what I look like, feel free turn around.

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My cat can eat a whole watermelon.
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13 Responses:

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Apr 25, 2007 at 10:19:02 AM

Welcome back then.

Jul 5, 2007 at 05:46:26 PM


Jul 5, 2007 at 05:47:08 PM

Ah. I just used the wrong smiley. I mean, that is a smiley, but that also happens to be a common representation of a... eh... y'know.

Jul 5, 2007 at 08:33:10 PM

I'm getting sick of the memes. I used to not mind them, but when people start mistaking any old shark as ghost shark, and they get inserted in irrelevant games, it pisses me off.

Jul 6, 2007 at 03:34:43 AM

*huggles* g'day!
lol... I've never actually said that before... oh well... Hooroo! (or that either =P)

Lord Stab
Aug 22, 2007 at 07:26:35 PM

YOU HATE AMERICA? YOU HATE FREEDOM! AND YOU HATE LOVE, AND MONEY AND THE AMERICAN DREAM! You keep talking smack about the only REAL MAN'S country in the world and we'll liberate your mother fucking face from the tyranny of your ugliness! You hate memes too? Well... your mother!

Aug 24, 2007 at 06:48:46 PM

I don't hate America. I just think you smell of poo.

*M* tymaporer
Aug 24, 2007 at 08:00:05 PM

I was born and raised in America, and to be honest, I think we're a bunch of stuck-up, half-witted, arrogant assholes. *shrugs* You will find that many of the truths we cling to...*slaps self in face* Stop that.

Lord Stab
Aug 25, 2007 at 08:37:08 PM

Did you ever stop to think that stuck-up, half-witted, arrogant assholes aren't restricted to American borders? I mean, who's profile are we on here?

Aug 27, 2007 at 10:33:48 PM

All stuck-up, half-witted, arrogant assholes come from England. Haven't any of you watched TV?

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