A meme on The Sentence Game is effectively a running joke that shows up in several games, more so than what would be considered "normal". Good candidates for memes are often popular or well-known things in either real life (Hitler) or fiction (Optimus Prime). Often, animals or inanimate objects that have been endowed with some attribute or prop (Ghost Shark, Scissors King) become memes and appear in multiple games.

Sometimes memes are forced by one or more users - in that they will pick something they desire to become a meme and repeatedly spam it as much as possible or deliberately insert it into games in spite of no remote or reasonable mention being made of it. Some users consider this to be annoying and will attempt to deny the forced meme any propagation via deliberately misinterpreting it as something else, or in extreme cases completely derailing the entire game onto a different subject.

Some argue that memes ruin the creativity and fun of the game, and aren't very entertaining. Others argue that if an individual can not find a creative way to use a Meme than that is their own shortcoming.

A meme convention! How many can you find?

Selected Memes

  • Jesus - 272 Games
    • Spider Jesus - 8 Games
    • Zombie Jesus - 5 Games
  • The Sentence Game - 209 Games
    • Thesentencegame - 76 Games
  • Satan - 195 games
  • Hitler - 192 Games
    • Hitler Duck - 3 Games
    • Hitlerduck - 3 Games
    • Spider Hitler - 2 Games
    • Robot Hitler - 2 Games
    • Mecha Hitler - 1 Game
    • Hitlercat - 1 Game
  • Timmy - 144 Games
    • Little Timmy - 41 Games
  • Ghost Shark - 141 Games
    • Shark Ghost - 4 Games
    • Ghostshark - 2 Games
  • Pope - 86 Games
    • Popefish - 3 Games
  • Pacman - 80 Games
    • Pac-Man - 59 Games
    • Pac Man - 26 Games
  • Lincoln - 67 Games
    • Abraham Lincoln - 46 Games
    • Abraham Lincoln - 46 Games
    • Abe Lincoln - 37 Games
    • Abe-Lincolnotron - 1 Game
  • Pokemon - 66 Games
    • Pikachu - 46 Games
  • Vader - 65 games
    • Darth Vader - 50 Games
  • Cthulhu - 58 Games
    • Cthulu - 25 Games
    • Squid Monster - 2 Games
  • Kofi -54 Games
    • Kofi Annan - 45 Games
    • Kofi Annon - 2 Games
  • Scissors King - 43 Games
    • Scissor King - 40 Games
    • Scissorking - 1 Game
  • Captain Forced Meme - 36 Games
    • Captainforcedmeme - 1 Game
  • Optimus Prime - 34 Games
    • Megazord - 6 Games
    • Voltron - 2 Games
  • Martini Turtle - 32 Games
  • Mr. T - 32 Games
    • Mr T - 15 Games
    • Mister T - 3 Game
  • Kermit - 31 Games
    • Kermit the Frog - 19 Games
  • Yoda - 28 Games
  • Indiana Jones - 26 Games
  • Robo Team - 22 Games
    • Roboteam - 4 Games
  • Picard - 20 Games
    • Captain Picard - 14 Games
    • Patrick Stewart - 7 Games
    • Jean-Luc Picard - 2 Games
  • Jchaulf - 18 Games
    • Sentence Game Policeman - 9 Games
    • Jeremy Chaulf: Sentence Game Policeman - 4 Games
  • Disco Lemon - 18 Games
    • Discolemon - 2 Game
  • L Club - 16 Games
  • Ban Ki-Moon - 12 Games
    • Ban Ki Moon - 9 Games
    • Ban-Ki Moon - 2 Games
    • Ban-Ki-Moon - 1 Game
  • the Burger King - 12 Games
  • Geriatric Phoenix Wright - 11 Games
  • Mr. Peanut - 9 Games
    • Mr Peanut - 1 Game
    • Mister Peanut - 1 Game
  • Kool-aid man - 8 Games
    • Kool aid man - 1 Game
    • Kool-Aid guy - 1 Game
    • Mr. Kool-Aid - 1 Game
    • Kool-ade man - 1 Game
    • Koolaid man - 1 Game
    • Koolade man - 1 Game
  • Soviet Cheerleaders - 7 Games
  • Toady Sanchez - 7 Games
  • The Pistol of Curious Heterosexuality - 5 Games
  • Vice Principal Dinosaur - 5 Games

Note: List goes by exact search terms in Searchamajiggy, and are thus not entirely accurate--some may appear in pictures and no sentences, be a general subject that many items can go into (like Pokemon) or have their names misspelled (Ban Ki Moon may have a dash between any part of his name in some appearances). (list last updated 12-12-07)

To add a new meme - just click "edit" above, then copy and paste the previous line and change it to your desired meme. When you hit save, that will automatically create a link to the new meme-page. Click it and you can edit your new page.

An Index of all Memes -- in case any pages get orphaned.

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eric01 October 2010, 14:43

they are pretty recognizable...

Reecer628 September 2010, 17:33

No one might read this, but should someone create a page for KKK?

uzworm05 September 2008, 17:07

Created a page for the Soviet Cheerleaders. :3

No number changes cause I'm lazy.

Noie01 August 2008, 03:38

I added Vice Principal Dinosaur to the list, and also updated some numbers. Lincoln beats Pokemon, Martini Turtle and Mr.T are now above Kermit the frog, Indiana Jones surpasses Yoda, L Club beats Ban Ki-Moon, and The Burger King comes above Geriatric Phoenix Wright.

SneakyRobot04 June 2008, 12:35

Billy seems to be a popular name for a little kid, with a total of 247 games with his name in it. I havent read em all to make sure they all refer to a person but its kinda hard to have a name be in any other context. Dunno if it should be added as a meme or just leave this kinda thing to timmy

DragonMudd30 May 2008, 14:13

Updated the list and deleted the porn spam. Satan has passed Hitler, Timmy has passed Ghost Shark, Picard has passed JChaulf, Mr. Peanut has passed the Kool-Aid man. I also corrected "L Club" to " L Club" because I noticed it was triggering off of things like "basketball club".

DragonMudd18 April 2008, 13:24

Added Picard/Patrick Stewart. Seems to be the go to bald guy.

DragonMudd31 March 2008, 10:37

Just updated the list. The biggest news was Mr. T, he passed Indiana Jones, Robo Team and Yoda! Other changes include: Hitler passes Satan, Darth Vader passes Kofi Annan, Martini Turtle ties Kermit and Indiana Jones ties Robo Team.

Eric18 January 2008, 22:44

I love these meme pages -- great stuff!

DragonMudd11 January 2008, 13:52

I was trying to avoid work, so I updated the numbers. Martini Turtle and Yoda are both closing in on Kermit as the little green character of choice... it's a close race!

SneakyRobot you are definitely welcome and encouraged to add things to this wiki. Good find on Mr. Peanut, and I'm undecided on Kaiser Penguin. While he feels like a meme, he's only present in two games (under 'kaiserpenguin' without a space), but if someone out there loved him enough to add him I wouldn't delete him. I get the impression he existed on paper in many games before this online version was created.

I also added Indiana Jones. He apparently has 20 games! Must be the hat I guess.

SneakyRobot08 January 2008, 02:07

I'm rather new but I've clicked the random game button probably several hundred times by now & have noticed a couple more memes that are not listed here: mr. peanut & kaiser penguin. As a newb I am hesitant to touch your wiki as I could be doing something wrong so I just left this comment instead

DragonMudd12 December 2007, 00:23

Okay, I updated and added numbers and then started to get a little out of control by also putting in alternate spellings. Now I'm thinking it's gotten a little bit too ugly. What do other think?

eric10 December 2007, 22:00

nice! you rock!

DragonMudd10 December 2007, 19:38

I started to give artist credits to the pictures, but I got tired. Also, I'm not proficient enough to get the alignment right, so if there's already a long description, then it messes up the spacing.

eric10 December 2007, 17:05

well done! i like it.

DragonMudd10 December 2007, 14:36

Okay, I added 'Timmy'. I wouldn't call Timmy a meme, but I definitely like to think of him as a Character, and that's what a lot of these are. Especially major historical characters. Besides, right now he's just a couple of games shy of Ghost Shark, and that's some serious weight to throw around.

DragonMudd10 December 2007, 14:13

I've decided that spinoff/sub characters would be nice to have on this page. I haven't bothered to give them their own pages though. I think discussion of the spinoffs in the regular page is adequate. Might search up and add appearance numbers later, unless someone beats me to it.

Evang110920 November 2007, 21:25

Wait, someone else already updated the numbers. Thanks!

Let me just change the "Last Updated" date.

Evang110920 November 2007, 21:24


Damn you Mario Galaxy.

Evang110923 September 2007, 15:32

Alright, next free chance I get, I'll try and remember to update this list.

Evang110928 June 2007, 20:16

Memes seem to have died on TSG. D: WE NEED MARTINI TURTLE BACK

Eric29 May 2007, 13:32

Sorry Groomble - I forgot that the temp memberships were expiring when they did. I was *nearly* ready to open things up again, but was taking it slow for testing purposes. Had I remembered, I would have opened it up sooner or extended the memberships. Sorry again!

Evang110929 May 2007, 12:13

Well, like I said, if it becomes an actual meme then we bring it out of the index. For now though, being in troll games doesn't really give it much notability as a meme. That's all D:

Groomble28 May 2007, 11:02

Dear someone.

I am enraged, let me play or at least complain about being barred from playing on the forum. This travesty will ne'er be forgiven unless it is corrected POST HASTE.

With bitter words and shaking fists, Groomble

Ragnell26 May 2007, 12:00

:-( but I like Rainbow Revolver. I agree it shall only be used in case of emergency, and against trolls. It should go somewhere in TSG history, in the same page where jchaulf becomes the official TSG policeman.

Evang110923 May 2007, 14:22

I decided to remove the Rainbow Revolver page from the list, for, like I said, it hasn't shown up much outside of troll games. If it has staying power on TSG after that, then we can always put it back on--I left it in the Meme Index.

Deathclaw22 May 2007, 16:17

Well plaid,

Evang110921 May 2007, 19:40

In any case, I dunno if "Rainbow Revolver" constitutes as a meme yet. We haven't seen much of it outside of troll games. If it's around afterwards, then that's another story. Should we can it?

Tymaporer21 May 2007, 15:54

I agree with both of you. Memes aren't dumb fad items, they're...well, Groomble said it better than I can. And it's not like every game is nothing but memes, either. They don't disrupt the game, and they don't make things less fun. Anyone who thinks that is more than likely not the kind of person who would really enjoy TSG, because they're a major part of our culture.

Evang110921 May 2007, 13:59

I think you're on point, Groomble D: It really all depends on the execution of it all in all--making sentences about memes is one thing, randomly forcing them into pictures completely out of context (coughcandlejackcough) is another.

Though it probably helps to have something more "original" at the Sentence Game--characters created by the game seem less forced than pre-existing stuff. And like I said somewhere, they're good if you want to think of an idea for a fun sentence.

Groomble21 May 2007, 01:41

I think memes are great, every meme has its own life story and itself is a product of thesentencegame communities personality as a whole. Memes have great stories and rivalries and beget other Memes in the process (disco lemon > hobo lime). Since there is a continual flow of new memes then I can really see no argument as to them being uncreative or a crutch. Even so, Its not as if every game is dominated by memes .... its just not the case.

Evang110920 May 2007, 23:33

I feel the last two were a bad addition on my part as they really don't have much staying power in games, but ehh. This trolling bout is my fault due both to that and my pushing of memes as of late.

Techno-organic20 May 2007, 20:46

Wow, look at all the memes...

Evang110919 May 2007, 23:17

I scrimped on the pages for GPW and Toady Sanchez because I am lazy and am playing Pokemon, but I'll get it done for reals tomorrow--though hopefully someone can at least do some touching up on them. Add pictures or something for me, at least? D:

Eric19 May 2007, 00:40

This wiki brings me so much joy. :-D

Evang110918 May 2007, 21:02

I brought the list up to date. Also, I suppose if L Club and Disco Lemon can get on with five games, Geriatric Phoenix Wright and Toady Sanchez deserve a spot there too. Although that is secretly because they are two of my favorite memes and Toady Sanchez was never even given acknowledgment as a possible meme, poor guy.

I hate to leave them red and crap, but I'm a bit busy tonight D: If someone could do their pages I'd be grateful, but at the latest tomorrow--I hope.

Evang110918 May 2007, 20:48

Disco Lemon's page is now up to standards.

Tymaporer18 May 2007, 18:50

Whoo, L Club is a listed meme! XD It's so cool to watch an inside joke become famous.

Evan17 May 2007, 14:47

Good job on the L Club page! I'll work on the Disco Lemon page later too, don't worry about it.

...I mean actually I might not have the time to do it so not promises but uh D:

spideydude17 May 2007, 13:54

I added L Club.

mnbvc17 May 2007, 12:08

It made it look like I screwed up the page completely until I sent in the comment. Then it changed.

Eric16 May 2007, 22:54

No worries -- that's what wikis are for :-) The "wiki howto" is on the left sidepanel, if you have any questions.

mnbvc16 May 2007, 16:51

OOOOOOHHHHH, so NOW it works. stupid computer >:(

mnbvc16 May 2007, 16:50

CRAP!!!!! I'M SORY!!!! I tried to make the disco lemon page, but it didn't work! It wasn't on purpous! Please, someone who knows what they're doing, FIX IT!!!!

Eric14 May 2007, 00:46


Evan13 May 2007, 23:21

The Meme Comment Archive sounds like a good idea to me.