Evang 1109

Hi, I'm...Evan. I don't have much to say. I just put in this page because I don't like seeing my name be all red on comments. I should probably mention that in my short time of solid dedication to the Sentence Game I feel I've been pretty pretentious-sounding, albeit unintentionally.

My favorite Sentence Game character ever is Geriatric Phoenix Wright, with Martini Turtle trailing behind shortly.

I'm a loser for Pokemon, by the way. Actually, I'm just a general loser.

You can leave me a comment, I guess, if need be. Or say you hate me. I AM OPEN-MINDED, YO.

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Lord Stab06 August 2007, 05:31

You comment on everything, everywhere, always.

blitzenoia04 July 2007, 17:06

I HATE YOU. Just kidding. I bet you would look sexy in a fedora.

elzaban27 February 2007, 16:54

In honour of passing the test, I award you with the Prestigious Award.