TSG Wikiproject

TSG Wikiproject

Unfortunately, as all wikis grow they require organising to remain useful. This page is the central area for wiki co-ordination. Suggestions for the wiki's organisation, ideas for improvement, and thoughts on general collaborative policy go here.

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Eric01 August 2008, 15:03

Haha! I could see that...

Noie29 July 2008, 15:41

Does anyone else think Svdl's 30-40 something "Oh boy, coffee sure is swell!" games should be here somewhere?

Deathclaw23 May 2007, 22:40

I like the Pit idea becuase then I can at least play with myself.


Eric21 March 2007, 23:38

Luminar - thanks for the note. many of these ideas are being / have been integrated.

Luminar04 March 2007, 01:14

There pretty much NEEDS to be some process of getting rid of the game ruiners or at the very least marking them out. They're getting into too many games and destroying any and all potential in them, and it's getting to the point they're infact claiming a majority of posts in given games.

So I propose some kind of mark system.. if a user sees a contribution that is obviously just an attempt to ruin games, they can "mark" it. If one paticular user accrues enough black marks, it flags them up to be checked out by you, and some form of action can be taken if it's found to be just.

Ways to prevent use of this.. only give paid members the ability to mark, or be able to take away the ability to mark accounts from ones who are obviously just abusing it. Say for example a group of trolls bands together and marks all of svdl's stuff - he obviously isn't an abuser, so said trolls silently lose their ability to mark people. They still *think* they can but the system simply won't put any through for them.

As for action, you could make a new category for games (perhaps entitled "The Pit" or somesuch) in that punished users can only start or participate in "Pit" flagged games, and will not be able to access normal user or paid member games.

An alternative would be something like SomethingAwful's hellban - they think nothing's happened, but absolutley nothing they submit is going through. They can still press play and submit whatever sentence or pic they like, and the system will confirm acceptance of it and block them from accessing that game again - but the system simply just doesn't accept it and keeps that game open for someone who's going to play properly.

Eric03 March 2007, 16:55

looks good to me!

Daxx03 March 2007, 04:53

I changed the main page to redirect to TSG/TSG. Hope that's okay; it should alleviate the need to navigate manually and it's not like anyone used the main page for anything except as a page to click through.

Eric02 March 2007, 11:49

good point - done.

Liani02 March 2007, 10:42

There doesn't seem to be an easy way to navigate back to the TSG playing pages from the Wiki. Just a link on the sidebar would be really lovely.

Eric02 March 2007, 00:12

I also think that perhaps there's no need for a "front" page that's different than the TSG front page.

Eric02 March 2007, 00:11

Thanks for creating this page -- I think that some discussion of the organization is a good idea. I'm already realizing that the current layout is kind of unwieldy. I don't really like that the "Memes" link in the sidebar isn't really where to add new memes -- I'm going to reorganize this. Any thoughts about it?